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Press Release - Cannabis Goes Mainstream During Miami Art Basel

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Cannabis Goes Mainstream During Miami Art Basel 2017

Miami, FL. November 13, 2017 – ART420, LLC is proud to present the 3rd Annual ART420 Cannabis Inspired Art Show, opening Thursday, December 7th, at Northwyn Studios, 411 N. 36th Street, Miami, Florida 33127. The mission of ART420 is to use fine art to challenge the stereotype of cannabis users as lazy, unproductive and criminal; while also exploring the impact cannabis has on society and the human condition. This thought provoking exhibition offers a unique platform to spark dialogue on a wide array of topics surrounding a controversial plant.

The ART420 Cannabis Inspired Art Show is catered to the art-novice, art-enthusiast, cannabis-curious and cannabis-connoisseur alike and is designed to expose viewers to the richness and diversity of the Cannabis Culture through contemporary fine art. In particular the exhibition targets individuals who are seeking an opportunity to learn more about the plant in a safe and inviting environment. Artistic expressions including paintings, prints, photography, live art and other forms of media will be on display for sale to the general public over the course of this 4-day exhibition.

“This exhibition is like no other cannabis event in the country right now, we are taking the discussion outside of the cannabis industry and into the mainstream where we can attract new people into the fold,” says Co-Founder/Curator, Erik Range.

The public exhibit will run Thursday, December 7th thru Sunday, December 10th and will be open from 10pm - 6pm each day. Below is a list of special events and times during the exhibition.

Exhibition Opening | Thursday, Dec. 7 @ 10am (open to media and public)

Diversity in Cannabis Experience (DICE) Networking Event | Friday, Dec. 8 @ 6:30pm (admission ticket required)

antiCONFERENCE: Cannabis Networking For Doctors | Saturday, Dec. 9 @ 6:30pm (admission ticket required)

HIGH Society (Party) | Saturday - Dec. 9 @ 10 pm (admission ticket required)

Contact: ART420 Team
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