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Cannabis + Art = The Perfect Marriage

ART + Cannabis: The Perfect Marriage” written by Aquanza Cadogan

The first time I witnessed acrylic paint on canvas I fell in love. I can only remember sharing that same sentiment the first time I saw the flowers on some “purple,” or my first taste of some exotic sativa. Winston Churchill once said, happy are the painters, for they shall not be lonely - well neither are cannabis lovers. Whether its watercolor or Purple Haze the two mediums have drawn people from all walks of life to form the perfect union for centuries.

“It’s either love at first site or love at first taste,” described co-founder Erik Range, when asked to describe how Art + Cannabis creates the perfectmarriage. “The idea came from a family vacation and numerous discussions about how we could truly make a mark in this rapidly expanding cannabis industry,”explained Tamieka Range, wife and better half of the growingART420 Cannabis Inspired Art Show. 

After hearing countless stories of how cannabis positively impacted everyday people, the mission became - How do we share these amazing stories with the general masses? “It was extremely important that we lay-to-rest some of these myths that cannabis consumers are lazy, unproductive, stoner criminals,” Tamieka stated. “We are discovering talented artist everyday that dispel these stereotypes,” Erik explained. “Our goal is to showcase their talent to the world while expanding the consciousness of the viewers.” The ART420 brand is the premier marketplace for art created specifically for proprietors in the cannabis space. 

The art Mecca of Art Basel in Miami & Wynwood, FL will be host to the third rendition of ART420, an exhibit that elevates art beyond the negative stigma typically associated with cannabis.  Local, national and international painters, photographers and sculptors have adorned the gallery walls of the Cannabis Inspired Art show. Artists such as, Everett Spruill; known for his colorful collage works that channel Harlem Renaissance artists Romare Bearden and Jacob Lawrence. Gladiola Sotomayor, Valerie Clemans and Merid Tafesse, also known as the ‘King of Charcoal’ and one of the most prolific Ethiopian artists of his generation have all contributed to this unique platform for contemporary artists who transcend the stoner art circuit. 

“We allow artists from all stages of their artistic progression an opportunity to exhibit work of equal caliber from both emerging to established,” Erik highlighted. “The (30) artists selected yearly represent various age groups, education levels and price ranges, only adding to the success of the annual exhibition. Who know’s? the next painting you see may increase your alertness, give you uplifting and euphoric feelings, while enhancing your creativity and increasing your energy. 

Art + Cannabis – I do, till death do us part.

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