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Cutorial Services

A trip to the doctor's office is always a bit unsettling for most of us, which can lead us to withhold vital information about our health, or worse, not ask the questions we are seeking answers to. Far too many patients keep their questions about cannabis and its efficacy for symptoms they may be experiencing to themselves.

Thanks to the carefully curated works from ART420 no patient will ever have to wonder if your business is a safe place to ask questions about cannabis. Our collection of contemporary works elevate the conversation about cannabis and will add prestige to your space.

Your customers are impacted by the visuals they encounter in your store front even if it is on a subconscious level.  So ask yourself if  your visuals are encouraging or discouraging open and honest dialog?


Cannabis Inspired Art (TM) is an exciting new genre of art developed in response to the growing trend of cannabis legalization sweeping the nation.

ART420 is the world’s premier marketplace for Cannabis Inspired Art and was created to provide businesses with access to quality fine art rather than stock images of stoner art usually associated with the industry. 

Take a look at our online gallery to see samples of available works.

We are more than professional curators and would love an opportunity to service all of your art needs including: 

  • sourcing and acquiring content;
  • sourcing artist for commissioned work;
  • curatorial services;
  • and installation of art purchased

ART420 has an unrivaled selection of paintings, photography, sculptures and drawings and we work with cannabis inspired artist from all across the united states and even abroad internationally.

Add value to your space today with high quality fine art, Cannabis Inspired Art! Schedule A Consultation

Affordability & Shipping

ART420 features works that can accommodate a wide range of budgets and will ship any where globally.

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