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Premier Marketplace for Cannabis Inspired Art.



Cannabis Inspired Artist

We are always searching for highly creative artist with a story to tell. Tell us how your art is impacted by cannabis and show us a few samples. 

Visual Artist of all disciplines welcomed to submit. 

Annual Exhibition

The Annual ART420 Cannabis Inspired Art Show has become one of the industries most anticipated events each year. Attracting cannabis and art enthusiast alike, the ART420 annual exhibition is like an elegant wedding between cannabis and art. 

The general exhibition is open to the public with a reservation. 

Tosh: The Godfather of Cannabis Legalization

Although the Peter Tosh name is well known and his music considered among the classics, the story of the man behind the music has only just begun to be told. “TOSH: The Godfather of Legalization” sheds new light on the legacy of Peter Tosh and the impact it has had on the Cannabis legalization movement.